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Dolwin Emulator frequently asked questions:

Q: I have a Gamecube disc, I inserted it in my CD/DVD drive, but it won't work in your silly emulator!
A: Gamecube disks are using special Nintendo technology, so it can NOT be read by any usual PC hardware. Thus Dolwin is unable to run your game discs. If you want to play games, you should backup .GCM files; which are some kind of ISO for the Gamecube.

Q: How do you backups .GCM files from the game disc?
A: Ask people who already did it, or search Google.

Q: What are those DOL and ELF files?
A: Those are Gamecube executable files. Homebrewn demos are often compiled to DOLs and Nintendo demos are compiled to ELFs.

Q: What's Dolphin? Is it Gamecube or something?
A: Yes. Dolphin, GC, GCN, are all synonyms for Nintendo Gamecube. The Nintendo Gamecube's codename while in development was Dolphin. But there is a Gamecube emulator present named Dolphin.

Q: May I look in Dolwin source code?
A: Yes. Dolwin is open source emulator. You can look for the current source in the downloads section.

Q: When is the next Dolwin release?
A: When it will be ready.